Langham Brewery

LANGHAM Brewers April 2019
Langham Brewery offers delicious, fresh beers – in casks, kegs, bottles and cans – which are lovingly created and brewed at their award-winning independent microbrewery, near Petworth, in the stunning South Downs National Park.

The brewery has created a club for their regular customers, with a 10% discount on their ‘Beer Of The Month’...  plus other special offers. ‘The Gulp’ club – the collective term for swallows (which were found nesting in the barn when Langham first arrived to brew, back in 2005) has almost 600 members – a group of like-minded craft beer drinkers who appreciate the range of Langham’s 17+ cellar-fresh, flavoursome ales, as well as the friendly service they receive.

The brewery’s brand new Taproom, alongside the brewery shop, is now open 6 days a week. Local, authentically Italian, Faretti pizzas can be ordered to accompany drinks. Look out for 'beer pairing' evenings, brewery tours and live events, which will happen at the brewery soon. Langham Brewery also offers a Home Delivery service, as well as using a courier service to cover orders across all parts of the UK. 

The brewery is the perfect destination experience, and part of the enjoyment of the South Downs National Park.
Walkers, cyclists, hikers and day-trippers are all warmly welcomed, as are their wonderfully supportive local customers, of course.  

What’s next for Langham Brewery? Look out for the new canning line (in operation during June 2021, all being well), a new innovation as part of the brewery’s partnership with the South Downs National park and other exciting developments.

See our website for brewery events and further insights.

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